Video filmed by Helen Tago, edited and monatged by Zsófia Sztranyák

Residency /Worksops 2018

In August: Muhu Print 2018
In June: Electroetching residency with
 Alfonso Crujera.

Published 2018

The Hand Magazine no. 20, Printmaking special.

Exhibitions 2018

Ghost Stories in Vabaduse gallery, Tallinn 30.11 -19.12
Graafika ilm at The The Teachers’ House in Tallinn  14.09-04.10 and in´the Estonian Print and Paper Museum in Tartu 02.10 - 28.10
Scala Cromatica -  an international graphics exhibition to celebrate Estonia´s centennial in Budapest 12.09 - 
Printcard Wroclaw – Stranger Prints. Print Exhange and exhibition in Warsaw
LIVING SPACE -  Artists celebrating Estonia´s centennial in Australia, Melbourne 15.03 - 08.04.2018   http://ruum.org/

The Bridge (unfolded) Photo Helen Tago

The Bridge is part of the series of works dealing with negligible spaces that still have an impact. Spaces that people pass trough and by, not necessarily noticing the quiet presence and nature of the space. These spaces are speaking about freedom, potential and the importance of uncultivated landscape. The beauty of the space is ambiguous. Photographing these minute moments and places has haunted the artist since moving to the city. The photographs taken on the walks from home to the studio have been collaged and then printed in the intaglio manner by the artist.