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XL Cyanotype

Foto: Kalev Toom
Lilli-Krõõt Repnau curated a group exhibition of contemporary Estonian printmaking called Beyond Reality in Tartu Art House. I wanted to create a autonomous space, that people could pass through and feel the shift that occurs.

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Residency in Gran Canaria

Coming from the "flat Earth" it seamed unbelivable, that there are no shortcuts in mountainroads

For a long time I was trying to find contemporary, less toxic alternatives for etching copper. On the website nontoxicprintmaking.com I found Electro-etching. I ordered the book by Alfonso Crujera and started experimenting. After initial testing I even taught it to other printmakers but I felt like I needed a push to keep going. Three years later I managed to travel to the beautiful island of Gran Canaria to the wonderful studio of master Alfonso Crujera.

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Printcard Wrocław

All photos by Helen Tago

So this year I finally managed to print and send my prints to the Printcard Wrocław print exchange - All 11 of them.
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II Muhu Print 2016 - a summary

David Mallard, Bob Sparham, Helen Tago, Tiiu Rebane, Lembe Ruben, Molnár Dóra Eszter, Dorottya Kovács, Kai Karolin, Ade Lehtse, Astri Müül, Lilli-Krõõt Repnau, Brita Benno, Kalli Kalde, paulis Liepa, Kristina Mirjam Villand, Anette-Lis Seppel, Mark Antonius Puhkan, Mari Prekup
Photo by Ragnar Neljandi

Muhu Print is the annual international printmaking summer workshop held in A.I. Residency on the Muhu island in Estonia. The week is organized by Lembe Ruben and Brita Benno.
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Photopolymer without a photo

Photopolymer film can be used to make plates without the photographic transparency. You can use marker drawings, ink, leaves, paper cutouts. Just keep in mind that for a printable image (and without the proper stochastic screen) you have to keep the lines thin. 

The testplate above was made using photo transparency, marker lines, dried plants and printed text. 
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Photopolymer: using bitmap images

I am going to describe the process i used for producing my latest exhibition in Vabaduse gallery, in Tallinn in the spring of 2016. 

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helen tago  •  Oct 20, 2015  2

New beginning with the UV unit

We now have a new setup for working at the studio since NuArc FT26V3UP arrived on 2014. As it needed repairs and parts i´ve just now started to work with it.
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I Muhu Print & Electro Etching demonstration

The I Muhu Print printmakers workshop took place on  20. - 26. july on the small island of Muhu.

The first workshop was held by lovely Finnish printmaker Piia Lehti. She explained how she uses carbon copies to etch  

foto Helen Tago
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I have wanted to etch copper for a long time but I didn´t want to use the dangerous mordants so when I read about the technique where you etch plates with a low current through a non-toxic (but still irritating on contact!) solution I was exited to try it.

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