Then it was my turn to demonstrate the electro etching technique on copper that I learned from Alfonso Crujera's book. Workshop is a great place to also learn from other people. A metal artist Kaupo Kangur designed new handles from copper wire.

Photos by Helen Tago, Kadri Toom

Voolusvitus permanent markeritega
Works and plates by Hungarian artists Zsofia Sztranyaki and Tibor Csabai .  Photos by Helen Tago

The next thing I learned was that I don't have to use acrylic markers - the permanent markers will do the job just fine. Examples by Hungarian artists above.

Below my own work - it 's a drawing of a straw roof. I started with a non-toxic permanent marker (forgot the brand) But after the first etching intervall I could see the marker coming off the plate so I redraw the image with a common permanent one.
Photo by Helen Tago

I continued with experimenting using a litho crayon on copper. I wanted to attchive a mezzotint  looking background with the open bite. I used the acrylic marker as a stop-out varnish
Phoyo by Helen Tago